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Help with carport/HT conversion (1 Viewer)

Troy Trip

Oct 13, 2004
Has anyone seen or have pictures of making a converted car port into a home theater?

I just purchased a house that had a car port which has been converted to a room off the side of the house. It is the size of a single car garage and a bit longer.

I would like to make this into my home theater. I have a Ultravision Hytachi 57inch HD TV and JVC good stuff receivers etc. and JBL speakers.

Any ideas or pictures would be most welcome as well as construction tips.


Virginia Beach VA

P.S. I have also posted this in Basics.

Dave Milne

Supporting Actor
Jul 2, 2001
It sounds like it's already "been converted to a room" so you would deal with it just like any other room. One specific concern would be heating and cooling. Typically carports don't have these. They are a requirement for a theater. You might want to do searches on specific topics like "HVAC", "acoustic treatments", "lighting" etc.

More information would help as to what you are planning. Is this a complete remodel whereby you take the room down to the studs and build it up "from scratch" or are you just looking for furnishing / decorating ideas? Most importantly, what is your budget? A $250K theater will require a different approach than a $5K theater.

Good luck.

Troy Trip

Oct 13, 2004
Hello again.
Basically I have all the audio and video equipment I need. The room itself has been converted to a room and has heat, a/c and power. The walls are covered in plaster board, mudded, but not painted. I can still add additional power etc. rather easily.

My plans are to add a raised floor on top of the concrete slab. The slab is about 3 inches lower than the main house floor. I am thinking that adding a wooden floor will help sound especially the whoofer. I will also raise part of the floor six to 10 inches for a second row of seats (I could use help on how high I should make it). I am also thinking of using Premier Furniture theatre seats (four in all).

I have not given much thought to lighting or any other type of accoustics.

I plan on putting the Hitachi 57inch Ultravision HD unit toward one of the narrow ends with amp etc. to one side of the set and speakers to either side. Center speaker on top of the TV. Putting the two rear speakers on the wall with wires hidden behind the plaster board.

There will be a window directly behind the TV which I plan on covering with blinds and shades of some nature. On the left there is a window facing north and a double width door going out facing north as well.

The entry door to the house leads directly into the kitchen. I will place a door on that opening or some other thought might be out there. Since the wall to the house is the old exterior wall of the house I would think that would help keep sound out of the house itself except for the doorway.

Any thoughts, ideas, designs, etc. would be appreciated.

Troy ;)

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