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Jan 25, 2007
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Hey guys, appreciate the help

I got a new bigscreen coming in in time for the superbowl and am going to go get the cables tonight so I am ready to hook her up.

I have a HK AVR 340 Receiver
Tv is Toshiba 72HM196
Hi Def Satellite Rec
Sony DVD player

To hook this all up(I am useless at this) I am assuming the following:

Audio - Digital coaxial from DVD to Rec and rec to Sat box
component video- from sat box direct to TV?
Component video from dvd to rec

What am I missing?

SHould I go with HDMI instead?

Thanks in advance


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Sep 5, 2006
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Here's the back of the receiver for everyone to see.

Given the fact the receiver you have doens't have HDMI Upconverting or switching you have a couple different options.

1. For ease of use start by connecting your Sat and DVD Component Video out's to the HK340 Component Video In's.
Next Connect the Digital Optical or Coax from the Sat and DVD to the HK340
Then Connect one more Component Video to the TV from the HK340 Component Monitor Out.

You will have to check with the owners manual to set the Sat and DVD to the approprate Compontent video in's and also the corrisponding Optical or Digital audio Input.

Then at that Point you leave the TV on the Component Video in and Let the Receiver do all the rest of the work.

2. for another option. You can also connect the Sat HDMI directly to the TV. I'm not sure you will see much if any picture quality improvement, but it will give you the option of watching and Listening to TV Via the HDMI (Video and Audio) without having to use your surround system.

Or if you really feel the HDMI is giving you a better picture then the component video then just switch to the HDMI to watch Satellite and Forget running any video through the HK340. You'll just have to switch inputs on the TV whenever you change sources.

You will still need the Digital Audio from the Sat and DVD to the Receiver.

Let us know which way you go.... If you can afford to go both component and HDMI I would go for it... it's the best way to learn both types of connections and you can judge for yourself if component and HDMI differ in quality in your setup.

Good Luck! Keep us posted!


Jan 25, 2007
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Thanks Steve. Have not got the big tv yet but I just checked to see how I currently have it set up with my other TV and it is as follows:

Component Video from Satellite direct to back of TV
Component Video from DVD direct to back of TV

Digital out coaxial from Satellitte to Receiver
Digital out optical from DVD to Receiver.

Looks like the only difference from what you suggested is I have my Component Video from satellite and DVD to the TV where you suggested taking these to the Receiver and using the component video monitor out from Rec and use a component video to the TV.

It works the way I have it but now I am wondering if I am doing right. What differences would hooking up the way you suggested be.

thanks again

Bob McElfresh

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May 22, 1999

Ease of use.

If you follow Steves suggestion, you turn on the receiver for everything and toggle between the SAT and DVD player with the receiver remote. It takes care of switching the audio and video with 1 button press.

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