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Help with Cable/TV Antenna amplifiers (1 Viewer)

Bill Fletcher

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Oct 28, 2000
Few questions on my home wiring system:

1. Looked at amplifiers for my cable TV system. Found a 15dB from Channel Vision for $75 and a 25dB from Impact Acoustics for $16.99. Both support return path for cable modem. Is there a big difference between these? (other than the price)I will end up using this to drive about 8 devices (7 TV's and 1 cable modem.

2. I am splitting to 4 TV's right now with no amplifier. Channels 12 and 13 (local PBS and CBS here in Chattanooga)seem to be bleeding into each other. They are pretty much unwatchable on all 4 TV's. Other channels seem to be OK. Does this sound like something that the amplfier will fix? Or do I have another problem?

3. Will be adding an HD satellite receiver soon. I need to use an OTA antenna signal for HD networks. Would I use the same amplfier for this as for cable TV? I read something about using a 300 ohm to 75 ohm impedence matching transformer located right at the antenna ????? Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help. Bill

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