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    I'm posting here in hopes that some of the more experienced installers/builders have experienced something like this.

    Here is the current situation I am dealing with in trying to get CATV/Internet into my condo.

    I just moved into a condominium that "appeared" to have two cable outlets, one upstairs and one downstairs. The reason "appeared" is in quotes will become apparent in a minute.

    Comcast comes out, flips the switch to main box down the street and I should have a connection, right? No, the signal is not traveling to either connection. After a thourough search of the condo, we cannot find a splitter, switcher, junction box, or anything that looks like the cables in the house connecting to the cable outside.

    Pulling the faceplates off, I can tell that the connection downstairs is run along a stud and goes up toward the roof. Likewise, the cable upstairs goes down into the floor. They are at opposite ends of the condo, so they might meet in the end, but I don't know.

    I want to solve this problem myself because Comcast has given me the runaround in trying to solve the problem. Once I got a supervisor out to confirm what his tech wrote down, I am looking at the only option being to run a new line from the main box to the condo unit. However, to do that will take probably 1-2 months because I have to have it approved by the Homeowners' Association.

    What if anything can I do? Is there a device (preferably inexpensive) that can track down where the cables should meet? Or am I doomed to have to wait for the OK from my board and hope that I can get a hold of someone at Comcast (which at this point is less than 50%).

    Any help is greatly appreciated,
    Kevin Webb
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    First thing I would do is a continuity test with a ohm meter. This will tell you if the connections are terminated at all. The one that goes towards the roof may just be for a roof-top antenna. The one that goes down is probably the cable connection, but it may be open along the line. Any rooms down stairs that have cable jacks?

    You may be able to use a tone generator to trace the cables, but if they are shielded, you may not pick up the tone. I've never tried with RG6.

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