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Sep 7, 2003
My theater is 10f(w)by 20f(l)by 8,5f(h) and i have 2 loose carpets covering the tiled floor. I only have my equipment, wall unit and couch in there with 4 home made absorbing panels on the walls. I have a Denon 3803 and B&W speakers (DM 603 s3, DM 602 s3, LCR 600) and a Polk 450w sub. I'm only 16 and I've had a few cheaper systems and i thought that if i upgraded the sound quality would improve but it has'nt and I now know that it's the acoustics. When listening to music, (the bass drags on and takes a bit longer to get to me before the other frequencies which gets irritating) When watching movies the dialogue has weird changes in volume, sometimes it'll be too soft and sometimes too high pitched). The high frequencies when listening to rock get all muddled up. What can I do? and if I put up some more stuff on the wall, what should i put on and where should I put it?(should the speakers be pointed towards them) Should I also put stuff like bean bags on the floor to improve bass? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers


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Mar 20, 2002
What are you homemade absorbing panels made out of and where are they placed?

If you want to improve you bass you should look into some bass traps

see here for info about DIY bass traps and acoustic panels

The changes in the treble you're experiencing can be from the DVD you're playing. Movie soundtracks have a boost appkied to the treble because high frequencies get absorbed by all the carpeting, seats and people in a movie theater and is not balanced, so to compensate the boost the treble so that it will sound the way it was intended to. When you watch this in a small room without carpeted walls a bunch of seats and people the treble boost sound bad but today most movies don't take the boost out. but film studios like Sony, Columbia and New Line do. THX has created a re-eq curve to compensate for this treble boost and it you're receiver is THX certified which the 3803 isn't you could turn on the THX processing mode and eliminate this boost.

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