Help with a Hitachi and AVIA please

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  1. Kevin Nolan

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    Jun 16, 2000
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    I have opportunity to tweak my brother's newer Hitachi 43" RPTV I don't know what model but he purchased it about 6-8 months ago. It has not been touched although I did tell him to turn down the picture and brightness to add life to his CRTs...I don't think he did anything.
    I have a Sony and know how to do a convergence and disable SVM and few other things through the service menu.
    I won't alot of time but would like any tweak tips anyone can offer and any basic items I should try to correct for a Hitachi.
  2. Jeremy Anderson

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    Nov 23, 1999
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    That is likely the Hitachi 43UWX10b, which is the same set I have. An Avia calibration will help immensely, because the initial settings are horrible.

    First, if you're using a progressive scan DVD player, set the picture mode to NEWS. If you're not using a progressive player, set it to MOVIE (because this turns on 3:2 pulldown). Next, go into the menu and turn off AUTO COLOR, PERFECT PICTURE, BLACK LEVEL ENHANCE, VELOCITY MODULATION and NOISE REDUCTION. Set color temperature to WARM. Set the DVD input to 540p.

    If it helps, here are my Avia calibrated settings for the 43UWX10b. Yours may vary, but this should give you a nice starting point to tweak with Avia:
    Contrast: 33, Brightness: 46, Color: 40, Tint: 2 notches toward green, Sharpness: 25.

    Once you've done all of this, the picture should look outstanding. If you want to do a quick eyeballing of convergence, turn off the TV and press the power button on the TV's panel while holding down the magic focus button at the same time. This will show an unconverged grid, run magic focus, then display the converged grid. If any of it looks really off, a manual convergence may be a good idea.
  3. MichaelFusick

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    You can also try a manual convergence...

    Email me and I can provide some quick instructions.

    Also, manual focus and overscan and center the screen are good tweaks....

    Don't know how envolved you want to get though...

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