Help wanted with speaker placement, pls

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    Hi everyone, here's a pic of the bonus room in our new house that's just about done. This is the initial layout that I had kind of thought about. The circles in red are the speakers, and the circle in blue is the SVS. [​IMG]
    With this setup, I realize there's really only 1 sweet spot - and that's the couch against the back wall. For these side surrounds, would direct radiating, or bipole/dipole be best here. Probably 80/20 towards the theater. Also, since the couch is against a wall, what hope do I have for a rear surround?
    There aren't too many wires pre-placed. This is the only room upstairs and there's a HUGE crawl space around the whole room, so if you think it'd benefit switching the couch and the TV to opposite ends of this drawing, that'd wouldn't be too too bad.
    Please let me know what you think for the best possible home theater experience.
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    Di- and bi-polar speakers rely on reflections off the front and back walls to generate their enhanced ambience effect, so in your situation I recommend direct radiating speakers.

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