Help w/auto-detect on Sony STR-DE925 & HD cable box!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by JaredD, Jun 2, 2006.

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    Hello everyone..

    have a sort of an odd question.. i have a sony STR-DE925 reciever.. i have the audio for my DVD/CD Player hooked up through the optical and the audio for my cable box hooked up through the coaxial both under the "DVD/LD" setting & the input set to "auto" detect.. this is convenient because i can be listening to the audio from the TV.. then turn on the CD player and all i have to do is turn the cable box off for a second and the auto detect will defer to the CD audio.. all this done via remote controls..

    i recently got an HDTV and had to get a new HD cable box from Time Warner in NYC.. i think its the scientific research brand.. but now all of a sudden my little auto detect trick does not work.. it seems the signal from the cable box is going strong even with the box turned off(ie the auto detect wont switch from coaxial to optical even though the cable box is off, the only way it will automatically switch to optical is if i unplug the cable box)

    anyway.. in the scope of things its a very small problem.. all i need to do is get my lazy ass up and hit the "input select" button on the reciever when i want to switch the audio from CD to TV or vice versa..

    but let me know if there is something i can do to get my trick working again..

    also, this is my first post here.. if you think this post would get more replies in another category please let me know..


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    My first recommendation would be to replace that thing....

    The issue most likely is that the HD box simply doesn't turn the digital out off, even if no signal is being passed as you suspect. I believe my dad's HD box is the same. That means it always detects the presence of connection and doesn't want to release it.

    What I would do is use the CD player via analog on another input, because the Sony receivers don't really have great DACs anyway. Are the digital inputs not assignable? That would solve your problem.
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    That receiver has more than one digital input, and you can change/select that input from the remote. Why not just plug the optical out from the CD into the CD optical-in on the receiver an use the remote to select that?

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