Help to connect a powered subwoofer to amplified out of the receiver

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Krish079, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Hello all, need some help regarding subwoofer connection, connect a powered subwoofer (LFE in) to a amplified out (+/- wired clip-in) of the receiver. I have an Onkyo RT340 receiver and used the speakers provided in the HT package that used a passive subwoofer. Now I have a JBL powered sub-woofer with me but not sure if it can be connected. The receiver does not have a LFE out, it only has a positive/negative cable connection for sub-woofer probably the amplified out. New subwoofer has only LFE input. Please help.
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    Why did you purchase a powered subwoofer to use with a receiver that does not have a pre-out for subwoofer?

    That's like buying a high-end fuel injection system for your bicycle.

    You can't take the already amplified signal and feed it into the low-level input on the subwoofer. The sub will try to amplify an already-amplified signal and most certainly introduce distortion and possibly damage the subwoofer.

    You need a new receiver - one with a pre-out for a powered subwoofer. They can be found easily and decent models can be had for ~$300.
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    Well, he could have bought a powered subwoofer that has speaker line inputs but I don't believe JBL makes one of those. The Polk Audio PSW Series, for example have speaker level inputs. Otherwise, if you want to keep your sub and it only has an LFE input, you need to upgrade your receiver and stay away from the proprietary HTIB all-in-one receivers. JB

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