Help to configure my HTS760

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Brian.B, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Sep 5, 2003
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    I just got my Onkyo HTS760 and I am trying to configure it. I tried messing with the speaker distances and audio level...kinda lost. If it helps my front speakers are approx 10ft (center being 11ft) from seating and surrounds and rears are approx 2 ft (3 individual seats) from each person...

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    You need to enter in the distance from the listening position to each speaker. This sets the time delay (sound is actually pretty slow-traveling), so that sounds from speakers that are really close to you (like your surrounds) will arrive at the same time as sounds from speakers much further away (like your fronts).

    The speaker level adjustments sets how loud each speaker is both overall, and relative to each other. I strongly recommend you use an SPL meter (found at radio shack for, what like $35?) and also a test disc like VE or Avia(this includes more extensive audio calibration and video calibration as well.) You can also use the test tones in your reciever, but the video calibration is WELL worth the added cost of VE/Avia. Different speakers will vary in volume because of their efficiency, etc, along with the acoustics in the room, and how far away they are from you. You want all your speakers to play at equal volume. In a bind you can fudge this by ear, but it is worth it to borrow or buy an SPL meter, and espceially a test disc to do video too. You probably also want to set all your speakers to "small" and let the sub do the heavy lifting, although i dunno how bass-capable the sub is in that htib.

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