Help! Static on my receiver's center channel!

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  1. Joseph Hansen

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    Mar 17, 2002
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    Okay, here we go --
    I have an older Sony Dolby Pro-Logic receiver (STR-D990), and bought it new about 127 years ago. I just got a new JBL S-Center today, and when I hooked it up, I was greeted with a terrible static on the center channel!
    I have never had a speaker hooked up to the center channel before. So I was horrified that my new speaker was bad. While trying to debug the problem, I put my S-Center on the right channel, and the right speaker on the center channel. The problem stayed with the channel, not the speaker.
    So now I have a receiver/amplifier problem. I did a search on, and found that a lot of people have had problems with the center channel of this particular line of Sony receivers.
    Does anyone know what might be causing this problem, and if it is a "simple" fix? I want to upgrade my amp, but I was in the process of upgrading my speakers first. However, if it is more cost-effective to replace the Sony, then it will definitely go out the door. Personally, I would rather replace a bad transistor, and hang onto the receiver for another year, if it is something that simple.
    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Jeff D

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    I have a Sony 777ES with static on the center channel too. I don't know if sony has problems, but I've currently got my center hooked up to an Onkyo 898 and no hiss on the center channel.

    Sony use to have several service centers in the Bay Area, I think that has changed. And now to get it serviced I'm going to have to ship a 50 lb box to Massachusetts or somewhere to get it serviced. It sucks and I'm not very happy about that!

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