HELP!!!!!!!!!right reciever???????

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    I have a Sony reciever that is about 5 years old. It is a Sony str-d511. It has digital delayed dolby surround. (pro logic ). I want to hook it up to my dvd player and my home theater speakers... is it horrible that a don't have DTS....please tell me the difference. I have a lot of dvd movies. I was considering buying the Panasonic SC HT80 Home Theater System but when I was reading about it it didn't have DTS either and sounds like what I already have.......Is it??????? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thanks, Lissie
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    Try posting this question over in the hardware forum.
    But DTS is 5.1 sound of better quality than Dolby Digital sound.
    What is your budget for the receiver? What are your speakers currently and will you need to replace them?

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