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Sep 1, 2004
Im looking for a DVD player with these specific features..

- Around $200 price tag, willing to spend a little more..
- True Progressive Scan
- Preferred Silver case.
- Can play mpg data files off of CDRs, mp3s
- Farouja chip
- DVI, component, svideo, or HDMI outputs
- No multicd changer player.
- Easy to navigate menus

I want a denon, but theres soo many models out there and prices, im confusing myself to easily on whats new vs old.
I wanted a sony dvd player, but everyones saying theyre not true progressive and arent rated very high in PQ.

I need a substantial player for my sony 51" (520 model)
Im not a hardcore enthusiast that has to have THE best, i just need something with better PQ than my XBox on my rear projection.

Thanks for any help!


Jun 4, 2004
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Zenith 318, Denon 1910. That $200 price cap really limits you for wanting all those features. I think these are the two best players right now at the $200-ish range.

You can get the Denon's in silver if you ask.

If you go up the price ladder a little bit more, then you could look at the Denon 2910, 2900 (doesn't have DVI or HDMI but every 2900 owner I've ever run across swears up and down about how awesome this player is for audio and video quality. This may arguably be one of the best pro scan players you can get for a reasonable price. $699 at Crutchfields, for example.)

Panasonic RP-82 is another unit that people really swear up and down about for PQ. Might want to watch out for their new s97 unit. Harman Kardon DVD 22 and the forthcoming 31 already have a lot of positive buzz on them.

Yamaha s1500 is currently being run through its paces for testing, but it's out and I've heard good things thus far.

I hope this gives you a little starting room. If you're willing to raise your budget past $200 a tad, you can really get it done right.


Sep 1, 2004
damn.. looks like they go from $200 stright to the $700 range.


do you know if this denon 1910 plays vcds?

Ken Chui

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Jun 20, 2003
I agree with Eric's suggestions. If you want a DVD player with the Faroudja decoding chip, your available choices under the $200 range will be extremely limited; if you can bump your budget to another $100, you have a world of options.

The silver model of the DENON DVD-1910 is the DVD-755S. Although the MSRP is $269, you may find a local authorized dealer who might be willing to price match Crutchfield's online price of $249.99. According to the manual, they advise against the use of VCDs (I don't have any first hand experience with VCDs or this Denon player, so I'm not sure if playback is possible).

Some other upcoming Faroudja-based DVD players scheduled for release later this fall:
  • Panasonic DVD-S97S
  • Samsung DVD-HD931

Sony is expected to ship a non-Faroudja upscaling DVD player, the DVP-NS975V, sometime this month. The MSRP on the Sony and Panasonic is ~$300, and the Samsung will be ~$220. Another upscaling model worth investigating is the V Inc. Bravo D2, which can be found for ~$200 (with a little help from Google).

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