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  1. Matthew Perry

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    Feb 28, 2001
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    I thought I could come here for some "Home Theater Foru Expert Advice" [​IMG].
    What I need to know is the best placement for my rear surround speakers. We are in the process of starting the drywall tomorrow, I Would like to pre-wire the walls BEFORE drywall though so these are the room dimensions:
    Length: 24 Feet
    Width: 9.5 Feet
    I will have a 53" RPTV (HD) and was wondering the best seating distance and rear surround setup, should I just put speaker terminals on my far rear wall? Should I mount them from the Ceiling? Sould I mount them on either side wall even though they are no dipole?
    This is the advice I need ASAP so I can setup my boxes for the wire to feed through.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Bill Lucas

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    Mar 20, 1999
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    What type of speaker have you chosen for the rear surrounds? If you're using dipoles then they should be mounted directly to the sides of the main listening position about 18-24" above ear level. If you are using directs then they should be about 7-8' behind the listening position on the side walls and aimed to intersect behind the listening position about 6' up. There are other mounting positions that will work for directs but dipoles should be mounted as I described. Your room is very long and narrow. Positioning of your front speakers will be difficult to achive a proper soundfield. To eliminate rsonance issues the fronts should be 1/5 in from the side wall. However, because of the narrowness of the room this could create other problems. Good luck.

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