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HELP!!! Read this, for the love of God!!!! (1 Viewer)

Brandon Steck

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 14, 2003
Ok . . . I have a Toshiba 56H80. I've had various problems with it for about six months. First of all, whenever the screen is supposed to be black, I have a red haze on the sides of the screen. This is, as I'm sure you can imagine, very irritating. Also, and this is my main irritation, the convergence will snap out of place for a few seconds, and then go back to normal while I'm watching the tv. For instance, in the middle of the screen, sometimes I'll get a ~~~ looking thing across the middle, but with two of them, so it looks like a DNA strand. Like, the top and bottom and being twisted together almost. Sometimes it'll switch from whatever I'm watching to the dot convergence pattern, then go back, sometimes it will change to the 56 pt convergence pattern, then go back. This pattern will appear all in red sometimes, all in blue, pretty much any color, but it's done it all. It does this without warning, on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes the dot pattern will roll down the screen like I'm flying through space. Those are the biggies in my concerns. The last thing is that sometimes when I turn the tv on it will come on, then click off, and the power indicator will start flashing and I won't be able to turn it back on until I unplug it and plug it back in. Sometimes I have to do this two or three times before it will start working normally.

I had a tech (if you can call him that) come look at my set yesterday. I thought that a cleaning (I've had the set for two years and never had it cleaned) and adjustment might help the problems. He shows up with a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels. He takes the set apart (best thing about the visit was I learned how to do all this stuff) and sprays windex on the mirror and the lenses and wipes them down with paper towels. That was it for the cleaning. The alignment was fixed using the 56 pt convergence in the service menu. Why is that in the service menu anyway!?!?! Mitsu's have it in the regular menu!! Bah . . . Now . . . he said that my red output was too high and was causing the haze, so he took off this access door on the front by the speaker and turned a little knob that turned down the red. This was supposed to fix the red haze on the sides of the screen. In case anyone is wondering, this little panel has knobs for each of the guns and three more below that I can't read what they do, except one says "focus." So . . . he turns the red down a bit, and it looked ok. I had the sun coming in, so it wasn't done in "viewing conditions" mind you. Ok, so on a plain black screen there was no more redness. So he leaves and I'm thinking all is well. Cut to that night . . . I'm watching a DVD and the picture is very green/blue. Obviously because he turned down the red output. So . . . using my newfound knowledge as to how to take my set apart, I turn that back up . . . and now that red haze is back. This is almost over, I promise.

Now . . . I'm looking inside my lenses and there is all kinds of crap in there. Dead little bugs, flecks of dirt, etc. There's some piece of dirt in the green gun that's blocking the light so I have a nice purple spot on the screen. First question . . . shouldn't my 169 dollar cleaning have taken care of that?? I could've windexed the lenses myself. Is this all a cleaning entails? Secondly . . . I've heard the red haze, freaky convergence things, and the set turning off and having to be unplugged could be due to a failing power supply. I told this to the "tech" and he said it "could be the power supply." These people are certified . . . scary. So . . . having read all of this, and I appreciate it, hit me with what you know. Toshiba tech support is closed and this is bugging the you know what out of me. Thanks.


Neil Joseph

Senior HTF Member
Jan 16, 1998
Real Name
Neil Joseph
If it is under warranty, they have to fix it tou your satisfaction. My advice, raise the flag to the right person at Toshiba, usually high level service management or something. Don't let them know about the bugs and that you opened the set yourself but make sure that the next fellow cleans it out (stand over his shoulder).

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
Insects and "all kinds of crap" should not be inside the set. Do you not regularly dust the set off?

(I keep my main display covered when not in use, but one must not be that obsessive — though it doesn't hurt.)

The moment you saw this person pull out Windex and paper towels you should have terminated the operation.

This repair person may have received some sort of ceritification, but it wasn't from the Imaging Science Foundation.

Don't fiddle with an RPTV's innards that way unless you know what you're doing.

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