HELP RCA DTC-100 Problem . Need help before the Super bowl.

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    I have the RCA DTC-100 Receiver. and had the Channel ABC HD (Channel 8-1) setup. It was receiving the HD signal with the strength of about 65

    I live in the Dallas area (Flower Mound).

    I got greedy, I wanted it to be better. (to get rid of the occasional drop) and went and got an Antenna booster and was messing around with it...

    Now I have lost the 8-1 signal completely.

    the Receiver doesn't seem to know there is a channel 8-1. When I do an auto search it competely ignore the 8-1.

    Now I want to go back to the BEFORE65 strenth atleast..

    what do i do.

    I have folks comring here for the Super BowL.

  2. Michael Silla

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    Get rid of the Antenna booster. You'll have to give particulars on the antenna. Try and reposition it before you do anything further. Go to and see which placement works best for your area.

    Good luck.


    P.S. You may want to visit AVSForum as well.

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