Help! Paradigm Studio/60 can NEVER be louder than 97.5dB SPL BY DESIGN?

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    Learn a little and become dangerous... I've put 2 and 2 together and it would appear the Paradigm Studio/60's can bever be louder than 97.5dB SPL by design (at 12 feet).
    Here is how I arrived at this:
    - Paradigm Studio/60 have anechoic sensitivity of 87dB.
    - They have a max input power of 150 watts
    Using the SPL calculator at http://www.myhometheater.homestead.c...lculator.html, assuming an amp with 150 watts, 87dB sensitivity, 12 feet from speaker, we get
    = 97.5dB at listening position.
    Am I crazy? Paradigm Studio/60 can never reach reference level? Even with their max rated 150 watts?
    Your thoughts are appreciated!
    Just to complete the table, assuming 12 feet distance and specs from
    Studio/20 has max 94.7 dB SPL (max 100 watts, 86dB sen)
    Studio/40 has max 98.4 dB SPL (max 140 watts, 88dB sen)
    Studio/60 has max 97.5 dB SPL (max 150 watts, 87dB sen)
    Studio/80 has max 100.3 dB SPL (max 180 watts, 89dB sen)
    Studio/100 has max 100 dB SPL (max 220 watts, 88db sen)
    Unless I've done something wrong, no Paradigm Studio speaker can perform at reference level.
    ... Altan
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    what you have done wrong is assume max input power is absolute. on the contrary i think thats max continuous program power and not max transient power handling. the transient handling is much greater. if the specs bore your argument, hardly any speakers could perform at ref level.

    btw: i own paradigm titans with "max input power" of 60 watts and anechoic sens of 87 i think. they play at ref level also. probably more distortion during peaks than the studio series though.
  3. Martin Rendall

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    Here's the calc:
    First of all, nobody has a anechoic room. So start with the 90dB at 1 Watt and 1 meter.
    1. You have speakers two usually, not one. Add 3dB.
    2. You are 12 feet away. Lose 11.3dB. (*)
    3. You have 150 amp: add 21.8 (gain = 10log(P))
    4. If you put the speakers near a wall, you could easily see another 3dB gain.
    Omitting 4, you have 90+3-11.3+21.8 = 103.8 dB.
    Most people never need more than peaks at 102dB, which means usual listening is around 80dB.
    (*) Source for the distance calc: http://www.myhometheater.homestead.c...alculator.html

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