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  1. Monroe K

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    Nov 29, 2001
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    *If this is in the wrong area let me know, this looked like the most likely area to ask this*

    Note: this a odd question (not movie related) for this forum...just looking for direction.

    I am trying to promote and get one of my instruction videos reviewd (dance instruction). I wanted to know if there are sites the will let you submit a copy of your video and let it get reviewd. Also, are there other sites that are similar to Amazon that will let you put up your own product?

    *I know this is an odd question to ask, but I need to start somwhere*
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    This is a temporary solution as to the location of this post: "After Hours," where members often discuss extra-curricular matters and receive practical advice on personal projects. As long as you don't promote your own site for commercial purposes on this Forum, I don't see a problem with you receiving tips on how to accomplish your aims.

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