Help, No sound when I plug USB Harddrive into TV

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by adamstephan, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I have the Klipsch Quintet 2's, Klipsch Reference Subwoofer and an Onkyo Receiver all connected with HDMI's to my Samsung 46" LCD.

    A friend just sent me a HardDrive with over 1000 movies and it uses a USB to connect. I connected the Harddrive directly to my TV and the sound is only playing from the TV.

    I even tried connecting basic RED + WHITE audio cables from the TV to the receiver and that still wont work.

    How do I get my surround sound to play audio from the HardDrive that is connected to my TV USB port??

    Again, My TV IS playing sound....My surround sound is NOT.

    thanks guys and gals

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    You may need to check these options:

    (1) Make sure the audio in the files you are trying to play is something that the TV can decode.. likely MP3/DD, but if you have anything in FLAC, etc. it's unlikely your TV will transfer it.

    (2) Your TV has an HDMI out? Remember, HDMI is a single transaction cable, it is not really a bidirectional format; so your receiver should not see the TV as a "source", it is most likely connected to your receiver as an output target, which means nothing goes back to the receiver to decode or transmit.
    (3) If your TV has red/white audio (analog stereo), and you connect it to your receiver, you will need to remember on the receiver to choose that target as your source; so if you plug those into the receivers "DVD" you'll need to choose DVD on the receiver.
    (4) Finally, if #3 is to work, you will need to chose within the TV setup menu that external audio is enabled on many sets.

    Good luck!
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    Or buy a dvd/bd player that will play it...Very likely if any of these pirated movies actually has 5.1, the tv may not dumb down the audio to 2.0pcm for output, may just dumb it down internally.You won't have these issues with a dvd/bd player.

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