HELP! No SACD Playback from Sony 9000ES!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Hector X. Cruz, May 19, 2003.

  1. Hector X. Cruz

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    Recently, I had to move things around in my Home Theater room and I had to unhook and rehook up my Sony DVP-S9000ES to my Denon AVR-5800. Now, I had been testing a Sony Rear Projection TV and my primary source was this Sony DVD player. I had switched the back of the player from Interlaced to Progressive. I made no changes on the DVD player's setup menu except to denote that my TV was now progressive (I had been outputting to a 32-inch analog TV).

    Well, the RPTV didn't work out and I had to send it back. So I went back to the 32-inch analog. I reconnected the player and deselected progressive on the setup menu. Well now the player won't play SACDs! It plays regular CDs and DVDs wonderfully. Now I have a coaxial digital cable running from the players DIGITAL/PCM OUT jack to the Denon and two monster RCA cables running from the AUDIO out jacks.

    What am I doing wrong? This Sony played SACDs wonderfully in the past. When I insert an SACD, the SACD light turns on, the timer is running and I can hear the SACD spinning inside the machine, so I am assuming it is a connection or menu issue.

    My Denon reads 'analog' when I am "playing" an SACD. I am not sure it is even receiving a signal. However, if I pop in a regular CD or a DVD on the same input on the receiver, no problem - beautiful playback.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Dan Hitchman

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    It could be that it lost the setup information on which type of analog audio playback to default to.

    Some players have a setting that you have to select in their setup menus for the SACD layer to be the primary default playback method.

    That could be it.

  3. Jim_F

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    This may be too obvious, but have you tried the "SACD/CD" button on the remote?
  4. John Garcia

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    SACD/CD button only functions when you have a hybrid SACD in the player. This only switches between the layers.

    The question might be WHICH analog outputs are you using? The stereo or multi-channel outputs? Have you tried swapping between the two? Is there a configuration to use one or the other? I know on my 222ES, sound comes from both simultaneously, regardless of SACD layer or CD, and regardless of the two inputs I use - multi-channel or stereo analog.

    Are you sure you didn't change any settings on the 5800? You have the audio cables connected to the correct input? Try another analog input? If you have the "DVD" source assigned to digital input, you may either have to switch between analog and digital on that input, or you may not be ABLE to switch between A/D for one input.

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