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Help? No one in Canada will drop the price of the Panny 47wx42! (1 Viewer)

Doug Kennedy

Oct 18, 2002
I've been to 3 Futureshops (like Best Buy) looking to buy the Panasonic 47wx42. After seeing the deals on here ($999 US=$1350 CDN and $1299US=$1800CDN) I thought they would probably budge on their price of $2299 ($1650US).

So I went up to the employee and expressed interest in the model and brought him over to where it was being displayed. I proceeded to explain that these don't have DVI and a lot of people aren't buying them because they know new models are coming out in a month. He proceeded to tell me that they can't go any lower and that there is already a $200CDN Instant Rebate (AKA a B.S. way of price dropping so they have an excuse not to lower the price anymore). He also told me that the regular price of the T.V. is $3499 CDN, even though when it first came out it was $2499! I mentioned I was paying cash, but that didn't matter, so I left.

I found myself at another FS and did the same tactic as before. The price at this one was actually $2199 after a $400 Instant Rebate (Idiots). He went on to tell me that they are still making the 47wx42 for the next 3 years so this is the same model that will be around for the next few years. I tried to explain to him that he is wrong but it didn't work. I used the "US has these prices" angle but he wouldn't take it.

I finally tried one more, explained everything, and got a simple "NO WAY". So I told him that I hope he gets fired for having the lowest sales (seriously, they fire a person every 2 months that has the lowest sales in each department)

Is there any other ideas I can try? FS is the only place in Canada that sells the model so I think that's why they're not dropping the price. Should I just try different salesmen hoping that I get an educated one?

Marco F

Dec 20, 2002
Sears carries this model.Well,the sears in my town has the 47WX52 which has the protective screen.I am torn between this one and the JVC AV48WP30 which I can get at sears Canada for $1870.00,something like that.It regular 2499.99 with 25% discount.I don't really want to pay the extra $200-300 for the screen protector.I might be able to get the one with out the protector,I never asked.The Panasonic with the screen protector at Sears was $2800-2900,what a ripp.I live in a small city so its hard to find good prices.It makes me wonder sometimes why here in Canada we pay "ALOT" more than what you can get it for in the States even with the exchange rate considered.


Nov 29, 2001
Doug relax, and no need to wish ill on the FS peons, it really isn't their fault. what you need to do to get a better price is look for a local B&M HT store, if you have 3 future shops in driving distance im sure you can find some local dealers, they should be more willing to drop the price a bit.

and just so you know the MSRP on that tv is 1599.95 US so the prices you are being shown at FS are reasonable, just because dealers in the US are dropping prices dosent mean dealers in canada will want to do the same.

Finally I dont see what the problem with a 400 dollar instant rebate is, hell for 400 off the price of a tv i would more than happily wait a month or two for a mail in rebate, i really dont know what the deal si with a so called instant rebate.

Gregg Loewen

Founder, Professional Video Alliance
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Nov 9, 1999
New England
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Gregg Loewen

From what I have seen the "new" units with the decreased price are made some what "cheaper", the one thing I have noticed that all of the particle board on the set's interior is no longer painted black. So if you want the set to look its best you will have to paint the inside yourself or pay a calibrator to do that. I charge $150 for a duvetyne lining.

Best wishes.


Rick CH

Jan 21, 2003
I have to agree that the FS prices are reasonable considering our (Canadian) prices on most consumer products are higher than in the US, even after working out the exchange. You may be able to bargain a better price at a local B&M. Where in Canada are you?


Supporting Actor
Aug 26, 2001
Unless the salesperson behaved like Satan himself, there's no excuse for telling them you "wish they will be fired" just because they didn't see things your way.


Dec 18, 2000
...i really dont know what the deal is with a so called instant rebate.
It's so they don't have to honour their price protection policy. It's not a SALE price, it's an 'instant rebate'.

The WX42 without the protective screen, smaller remote and speaker system sans tweeters is only available at Future Shop.

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