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HELP!!!! New Denon 3808 Questions (1 Viewer)


Jun 3, 2008
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Phil Urick
So I took the plunge and picked up a new Denon 3808 but I am struggling with the set up as I am very under educated on this stuff. Can any one help me with the following:

I Have the following:

Denon 3808 using 2 zones, 1 for 5.1 set up and 1 for whole house audio.
Sharp 46" D82U LCD 1080P-connected From HDMI monitor out
Time warner Cable Scientific Atlanta HD DVR box-Connected w/HDMI
JVC DVD Connected with Optical and component
Mitsubishi VCR connected with SVHS and analog red/white
Yamaha CD connected with digital coaxial

Here are my issues:

1. The signal on several of the HD TV stations is constantly switching in and out, from 720p to 1080i to 480i, etc not all just some. Is this a problem with the HDMI cables or possibly the Cable box? On a previous receiver connected via component this did not happen. On this same note, how do you set the receiver to upconvert all the video(dvd(480p), vcr(svhs), non HD tv(480i) etc to the 1080p format - I know the receiver does this. And shuold the TV recognize the 1080 upconverted signal on all sources?

2. The zone 2 system works great but I can only play the VCR, Tuner and CD player, why not the DVD and the Cable box?

3. When I play CD's in Stereo format the Denon display shows FR, FL and SW yet there in no sound from he sub. The sub works fine in all the other surround modes.

Thanks to anyone that can assist me!!

Go Hokies!!

Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
1 I think is in HDMI setup
2 I'm betting that you have DVD and cable box only hooked uip HDMI. You need to hook them up analog as well. You can use an optical cable for the audio as well.
3 You are going to want to set your sub up in the menu for both LFE and main. You can set your main speakers to either large or small for this . I think it defaults to LFE only and there is no LFE track on cd's.


Bounded In a Nutshell
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Jun 20, 2000
A Mile High
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1. Some stations may have a bit of an unsteady signal, causing a handshaking problem with hdmi. The fact it only happens with certain signals indicates it is the specific channels, not the cable box. On the second part, the manual will tell you how to upconvert the output, if the receiver has the capability. There may not be any real reason to do this though, since the TV already upconverts everything to its native resolution anyway. One thing I would recommend, if you don't have immediate plans to buy a Blu-Ray player, is a GOOD upconverting DVD player with hdmi output. Oppo is the best way to go in a reasonable price. You will get a noticeable improvement in picture.

2. Zone 2 is probably analog only, so you also have to connect analog audio from those sources to hear them in other zones.

3. There may be a separate speaker configuration for stereo. Some people like to turn the sub off for stereo. You may need to find a configuration for stereo sources and turn the sub out on. Just a guess.

Andrew Pezzo

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Mar 17, 2003
I was having the same zone 2 issues, no sound with HDMI sources. While the 3808 can do digital audio in zone 2/3 it has to be connected via optical or coax. Denon should be much more clear about this.


Jun 3, 2008
Real Name
Phil Urick
Thanks that is all great help. I am down to my last few issues. On a side bar, is there anything more frustrating than trying to hook up all those stinking speaker wires on those screw terminals, jeesh, what a pan in the neck. There has got to be a better way.

Now that makes perfect sense on the zone 2 hook ups, I was trying to figure out why the dig coax worked and the others (TV and DVD) did not.

1. So my DVD is connected with optical and therefore it should work. I would like it too but currently it doesn't, do I have to set something up to make that happen. I play DVD audio sometimes and I like that to play through the whole house audio. I guess the Cable box would ply as well if I hooked it up as a Optical as well as the hdmi.

2. When in Stereo(TV or CD or VCR) mode if the sub is not getting a signal, can you adjust the bass/treble to the main speakers?

Also, the picture and signal issues have worked themselves out. I set the upconvert to 1080p for all dig and ana signals and things are working great. You are right on the channel stability on the Cable box. The output indicator on the box itself, on say Discovery HDT, changes from 480 to 720 to 1080 on its own - I do think I have a few box problems. Its old (I have had it 1 year and it was used when I got it) and it locks up from time to time as well. Its from time Warner Cable, any suggestions on a good box I could request from them?

Thanks again.


Jan 1, 2009
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Ian Blair
To stir this useful thread up again, I too have a new Denon 3808, but cannot get any sound at all out of the subwoofer, even on the maunal speaker test cycle. I have ticked all the obvious menu boxes (for example on the speaker set-up menus), and I know the sub is working by plugging into my old amp. My only equipment connections are via HDMI apart from the speakers. I am on a standard 5.1 setup. The sub (Velodyne with amp) is plugged into the pre-amp black socket.

Am I missing some deeply buried menu (of which there are plenty)? Does anyone have any suggestions where to try?

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