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Help needed with letter writing campaign @ Widescreen Advocate! (1 Viewer)

Joshua Clinard

Aug 25, 2000
Abilene, TX
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Joshua Clinard
Hello All!
I would like to put together a new section on Widescreen Advocate. It would be a call to action to get people to write letters, send e-mails, and make phone calls to the studios and retailers. The purpose would be to let the studios know that we want OAR on all DVD releases, and to let the retailers know that we want to buy widescreen DVD's from their stores. I have seen several people on this forum asking for advice on how to contact the studio's and retailers, so I want to provide this information in one convenient place. This is in response to the recent influx of Dual, and Pan & Scan only releases. It is also due in part by the major retailers stocking more copies of a title's Fullscreen DVD than it's Widescreen counterpart.
The new section would include contact information for the feedback departments of the studios and retailers. It would also include information on the Widescreen stocking habits of the retailers, as well the OAR release policies of the studios. I need someone to help me gather this information, as well as to check the addresses/phone numbers for accuracy. I need e-mail/snail mail addresses & phone numbers for the various studios & retailers. I have created a sample page below, to show what the new section would possibly look like. It is just a template, and I can always add other important points to the page where needed.
There are a few sources that contain some of the information we would need for this section.
Anyone who has some time to spare, and would like to contribute any information to this section, please let me know, and we can discuss further details. You will be listed on the site as a contributor if you decide to help. The best way to get in touch with me is through AIM: JoshuaCBC. If you do not have AOL IM, send me a private message.
Thank you!

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