Help needed with Direct View 30" HDTV

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Nathan Beyeler, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Nathan Beyeler

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    Aug 7, 2004
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    I currently have a Sony VPL-W400Q projector (95" screen) in my true home theater room downstairs (DVD's only). I have a Sony 27" Trinitron upstairs for watching TV, some DVD viewing (when I'm too lazy to go downstairs), and my X-Box.

    With Halo 2 coming out soon, I'd like to take advantage of the X-Box's / Halo 2's ability to output 480p. My Trinitron obviously doesn't support that and I don't think the VPL-W400Q is up to task (or is it?).

    Bottom line, I think I'd like to upgrade the Trinitron. I'd like to stay in the 27" - 30" range but I can spend no more than ~ $1,000. LCD and Plasma are definitely out due to cost. I did some looking and it seems like there are some good HDTV ready direct-view sets available (ie. Samsung TXN3098WHF). I'm fine with a 16:9 screen if I'm not stretching or squishing when it comes to watching normal 4:3 TV. I doubt any issue with burn in on a direct view set, right?

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Nathan Beyeler
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    Take a look at the "New" Sony 30" Wide-Screen Model KV-30HS420. The list price is $ 999.99 which is right in your ballpark & if you fight with the stores it can be had for less or wait for Circuit City & etc to run a 10% OFF SALE. For complete info & pictures of the Set, Back Panel, Remote & etc go to

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