Help needed for choosing a receiver to connect to my computer....

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by MichaelZ, Jun 24, 2003.

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    ok, first I should say what i'm gonna be using my receiver for. I just bought a new computer and i need a sound system for it. I'm basically gonna turn my computer into a mini-home theatre.

    The receiver will be hooked up to the following:

    computer - for gaming, sound editing (I'll have a set of turntables also hooked up to the computer for that), and dvd computer has a coaxial digital output

    tv - for basic tv viewing, no digital audio. (basic cable and VHS tapes)

    xbox & ps2 - games with optical connection

    for speakers i'm not gonna be using satellite speakers, i'm gonna be using full size ones. right now I have 2 cerwin vega E-712 floor speakers that pull approx 300 watts each at 8ohms. I'm probably gonna get a JBL centre channel speaker and I Have no idea yet what i'm gonna use for the rears....any suggestions for those too?
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    here are a couple of options you may not have looked at. First, a tv-tuner card that plugs into your computer (PCI or USB). ATI makes the most popular, with its TV Wonder SE being the lowest price entry point I've found (around $50 US). Haupauge also makes a nice card that has stereo tv sound plus an FM tuner(ca $85).

    Combine this with a Creative Labs Audigy2 sound card, and you've obviated the need for a receiver. With THX Certification, the sound produced by this card is as good as most mid to high priced receivers. The advantage here is savings; one of the big disadvantages is no DTS (although it does decode DD-EX.)

    A Rotel, NAD, or Bryston power amp will give you the power you need for your speakers, and help bring out the sound quality (surprisingly) built into this card. I have heard this setup with a Bryston amp (I don't remember which model). It produced impressively clean, well-placed sound.

    This is a very different approach from that which most of us have taken; but it keeps control in your computer, where along with an X-10 Controller (one of the ones that plugs into your PC), your mouse and keyboard can do marvelous things.


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