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Help Needed: Anybody from Melbourne, Australia (1 Viewer)

David Susilo

May 8, 1999
Hello, to those who had lived or currently living in Melbourne Australia, your help is needed.

There is a huge possibility that I may have to move to Melbourne (Kew Victoria area, to be exact). Well, I need some info.

1. about the area

2. cost of mobile phone service

3. cost DSL and/or cable modem service (and the price of the modem itself

4. cost of landline

5. cost of living in general

on the lighter side, I would also like to know

1. When I bring my CD and DVD collection, will there be duties needs to be paid? I have about 1000 CDs and 600 DVDs. Will they have to go censorship similar to countries such as Indonesia and Singapore?

2. What is the price for (approx) 30" 16:9 TV (multisystem, progressive scan if available, flatscreen)

Hopefully I'll need to go there soon. It's been too long since the last time I actually live in Australia.

Thanks heaps for the help.


David Susilo, the two-eyed wonder

Rob Longmore

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 19, 2001
I live in Sydney Australia! ADSL as we call it cost about $90 per month, but the local exchange has to be suitable, only Telstra can help with this. www..Telstra.com.au im not sure about the duty on importing your dvds and cds.
Mobile Phone services are relativly cheap, get a free phone, and pay anywhere from $30 to $100 per month connection fees, depending on the call plans you choose.
unfortuantly i cant comment on landline costs.

Axel Wolfe

Apr 19, 2002
i live in melbourne , what rob has said is correct. Kew is about 15 minuets from the city, on a major tram line, no train service, Rent in kew is expensive as it is a fairly afulent area. If you can prove that all your cd's And dvd's are pre owned and for personal use, you shouldnt pay tax. If you do move here, drop us a message , i will be more than willing to give you an aussie welcome and any help or advice needed.

David Susilo

May 8, 1999
Thank you very much for the quick response.

What kind of proof do the gov't may require? If I ever take my CDs and DVDs it will only be if I get the permanent residency as part of my job (which is in negotiation right now). Also all the CDs and more than 60% of the DVDs are being used as my reference in my line of work.

Man, I really miss Australia.

Michael N

Nov 10, 2001
Mate, I can't see bringing in your discs to be much of a problem. As long as they have all been unwrapped from the factory wrapper, no worries! Censorship? Here? C'mon!

Kew: very nice area to be in, but be prepared for some high accomodation costs. Quite close to the centre of the city, trams and prestige vehicles everywhere!

Mobiles: Yep, generally a free phone. I have a $30/month contract- $30 calls included and around 30c per 30 secs peak rate.

DSL: not sure, but I have unlimited home net access for around $25/ month.

I don't think the cost of living would be much different than in the US. We now have a flat rate 10% GST on most purchases, but I cant say it has affected me all that much. Beer is around $28-30 a carton, petrol currently 85c a litre. My household electricity bills average $180-200/ mth, gas, water etc. comparable to that.

As for the electronics, a decent 16:9 set is around $2500 and up, multisystem, p/scan no problem. Don't forget you will now be watching our DVDs in glorious PAL format!!

Hope this helps. I hope you do make it over here as Oz is truly the most beautiful, relaxed and LUCKY country in the world.....

Best of luck, Mike

Oh yeah, before you die of shock at the costs mentioned, don't forget that the Aussie dollar is only around 52c US!

David Susilo

May 8, 1999
Thanks for the more detailed info. I never realized that Australia is that expensive when I lived there (used to live in Perth, WA).

I'm very surprised that the price of mobile access is that expensive. I spend about A$40 a month for my airtime and that includes unlimited evenings and weekends local calling (from 6pm until 8am the next morning) and 150 local minutes and only A 40 cents per minute thereafter.

Also as suggested earlier, the price for cable internet for my usage (I download/upload for my business about 2Gb a month) is only A$50 whereas Telstra charges about A$300 for the same access.

Oh well, I don't mean to complain though. The beauty of Australia, both the nature and the people is worth the extra bucks living there.

BTW, the 16:9 TV you mentioned, does it do NTSC progressive scan or do they just double the scan rate to 100Hz?

Thank you again,

David Susilo (having his fingers, toes, eyes crossed for earlier departure to Australia)

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