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Help: My IE6 and Outlook is here one minute, gone the next... (1 Viewer)

Alf S

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Apr 23, 2000
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Ok here's what happened. (sorry for long post)

First off I'm working w/ W2000Pro and IE6 Outlook6.

It's been running just fine and last night I connect to the net (56K) and surf around just fine, check my email, and coincidently was heading to HTF to check what's new.

I type in HTF's url and a few seconds go by and it says site not found. I try Yahoo, same thing..Hmmm..I try to get email...says it can't connect.

Weird, the little computer connection icon is still in my toolbar saying I'm at 50.6 connection. I restarted the computer, same scenario. I called my ISP, they say all is fine on their end. He says I should perhaps "repair" IE6 by going to ADD/REMOVE programs. Ok, I go to ADD/REMOVE and guess what? There's NO IE, NO Outlook even listed.

I go deeper into add delete Windows programs and the IE6 and Outlook sections say I have "0" mb of each..I can't even tell it to add it back. It's just vanished.

I thought it might be Valor Telecom issue, but my laptop dials in and surfs just fine.

Any thoughts as to how/why it may have disappeared, and more importantly, what's the best way to get it all back safely?

Thanks for listening

Troy Swope

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Mar 1, 2002
when you are still connected, but cannot hit web pages by typing in their URL, go to a command prompt START->RUN->Type CMD and press

then try and PING a website, e.g. ping www.yahoo.com and see if you get a reply (or at least get your computer to resolve the www.yahoo.com to an IP Address) if the address doesnt resolve then there is some sort of DNS issue with your machine. (could be your configuration or something at your ISP)

as for IE6 and OL6 disappearing, or showing 0 megabytes, not sure on that one. if you go to Link Removed can you download and re-install them?

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