Help me understand ICBM "recombine" switch.

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    Do I have this correct:

    If I am running my FRONT speakers LARGE (everything else small(80hz and above)..normal bass management will not look at the front L/R channels for information to pass to the sub. Low frequency for the sub will be bass from any speaker set to small and the LFE. Now when I enable the "recombine" function and crossover the FRONTS at...say 80hz...the ICBM will now (additionally) redirect bass from my FRONTS (80hz and below) to the sub...but send the 80hz back to the FRONTS...allowing them to receive full bandwidth/Large in essence still be considered "LARGE". That is counter intuitive....I think?
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    You have it right. In fact, the manual says pretty much the same thing....that it is counter intuitive.

    For some perverse reason, the name of the switch seems logical to me, insofar as you are stripping the stuff below the crossover, then adding it back in.

    I suppose normal people would say, why not just say that if I have the switch on, I does NOT really take anything out of the mains.

    I guess they really wanted us to know exactly what was happening.

    I actual practice, it can add some really impact to certain types of music. Hard rock (think Guns and Roses, Use you Illusion for example), or other music where the bass and the kick drum are locked together sound really good with the switch on.


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