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Leif Wall

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May 4, 2000
After getting into dvd and HT awhile ago, I all of a sudden got into car audio and started spending all my money on that. Well, things change and I'm not getting heavily back into HT. (probably because I lost my license for 1 1/2 years)
So, anyways I'm looking to make some adjustments/improvements to my somewhat okay system.
Currently it's like this:
32" Toshiba tv
Pioneer VSX-D608 DD/DTS receiver
Sony DVP-S530D dvd player
Polk Audio RT55 fronts, RT35 rears, CS245 center
JBL pb12 Subwoofer
Monster Cable all around
PS2, Dreamcast, N64
I'm a college student and only make $6.75 an hour at my job. So upgrades and alterations will have to be within reason. No HDTV or super high-end stuff for me just yet.
A couple things I'd like to add are a somewhat okay vcr, cd player, and a universal (maybe touchscreen) remote. My dvd remote just died, so that's at the top of the list. Thinking about that Sony RM-AV2100 which can be had for $90 online.
Another thing that I've been looking into is one of those mega cd changers for music listening. I'm really into music and have a lot of cds. My dvd player won't play CD-Rs. I was looking into a 5 disc changer, but thought it might be more convenient to have 300 or so cds at my control. Any suggestions on a good changer that isn't too spendy and that doesn't break/jam would be apprecieated.
I'll be picking up a cheap hifi stereo vcr sometime as well. Nothing fancy since I only watch old taped episodes of Seinfeld, Simpsons, Mr. Show, etc... anyways.
Have been thinking of upgrading my receiver as well. I have a friend who says he'll buy my current one for $300 which is a pretty sweet deal. Been thinking of going for a Yamaha HTR-5460 which I've found for $350. ($500 at Crutchfield) I know Yamaha is well regarded. I really need a lot of S-Video inputs, (my current reciever and the Yamaha both have 5) but not totally needing Component inputs yet. (yamaha has 2) Should I maybe try and find a receiver with 6.1 discrete processing or should I not worry too much about that now?
I'll be upgrading my center channel speaker to a Polk CS400. Sounds better and looks meaner. :) Matches better with my fronts as well.
Tv will remain the same until next year maybe, when after my tax return and selling my current tv and saving for a few months, I might go for cheap HDTV. Hopefully prices will be even better. Toshiba 40" here I come? I'll keep my current sub for now. It's actually not all that bad, I've had many complaints in my apartment building. I'm sure SVS would toast it, but I do live in an apartment.
I guess the last thing would be power protection. Something I currently do not have. Was thinking of going with Monster. Nothing too over the top, like a HTS2000 most likely.
Just looking for some suggestions, tips, anything. Thanks a bunch.

Chuck C

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Jan 6, 2001
If I was in your position, I'd get that CS400i. The 5460 also seems like a pretty good choice although if you want a great receiver AND remote, check out an Onkyo (575x? 595? very easy to use, plenty of S-vid, and great build quality). As for music, I'd ditch your Sony 530D DVD player all together and pick up the new Panasonic DVD-CV51...5-disc changer, CD-R/W/MP3, and Panasonic's excellent video quality to boot.
One note: I believe your current receiver has MOSFET amps, and changing brands will result in a different sound; some say MOSFET sound is warmer than other amps.
Let us know how much you have to spend b/c we may be able to do better!
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