Help me spend my $$, Need a new center!

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    Hello HTF!,
    I'm slowy building a new HT and want to upgrade my center speaker but am not really sure what to get. After recently watching LOTR in my home and comparing it to the theater, my center sounded really flat and boring. Like the obnoxious hissing sound whenever that weird guy on the horse (gandor, or someome, I don't remember! [​IMG] ) showed up it sounded really flat! I need some more excitment! My current speaker set up is:
    Receiver: HK AVR520
    Main: Polk Monitor 10B's (powered by HK PA2000)
    Center: Need one!
    Surround: MTX Point Series in ceiling
    Sub: SVS 25-31cs (powered by samson S-700)
    Ideally I'd like to get some new towers and surrounds so everthing is matched, but the 65" HDTV has priority! So for now, does anyone have any recomendations on a center channel that might work good with my Polk's and in the future when I replace the Polk's with something better? I don't mind used because I hope to get something a little better that way and would like to spend somewhere around $300. Maybe some Polk's, Infinity, Klipsch...?
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    If you're planning on replacing your mains, i would wait until you do that, then buy the matching center channel. It's a major priority to have a VERY well matched front sound stage, and because of this, speaker companies take alot of care to make a center channel that matches your mains are closely as possible.

    If you absolutely need something now, get the center channel that matches your current mains, and then you can hopefully sell it with your mains, then get the center channel matched to whatever new mains you buy.

    Whatever you do, don't mix up your front sound stage.

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