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    My front speakers are Yamaha A1738 (6 Ohm impedance) and my surround speakers are Sony bookshelf speakers (8 Ohm). I just mounted my surround speakers (about 2 feet above ear level to the sides of the primary listening position...which also happens to be also against the back wall) and they are really 'loud', drowning out my front speakers when there is dialogue as well as a lot of surround activity. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is due to the fact that I don't have a true center channel speaker (the receiver is distributing the center channel between the L and R speakers).
    Since my two fronts are 6 Ohm Yamahas, I figured this center channel speaker (Yamaha NS-AC40X) was probably my best bet:
    Yamaha NS-AC40X
    My receiver is a Sony STRDE-945.
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    I'm not sure if you've caught "upgrade-itis" yet, but if you haven't you probably will soon! [​IMG]
    That said, my advice would be to go and audition speaker packages that are in a price range you could realistically upgrade to down the road. Once you find a package that sounds good to you, buy the center channel from it!
    Then, over time, upgrade the rest of your speakers to match it. Since you already have speakers that are not really timbre-matched, the addition of a center-channel of a different brand won't really matter. Your old speakers can slowly be rotated to the bedroom, garage, parent's...
    Also, you should buy a Radio Shack SPL meter, and calibrate your speakers using test tones from your receiver. Avia or Video Essentials would even work better.
    The ohm ratings for speakers shouldn't impact your buying decision. The rule of thumb is to leave your receiver on 8 Ohm, and keep an eye on the heat it is producing--if it gets really hot, switch it to 6 Ohm.
    Happy shopping!

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