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Nov 11, 2020
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Long story longer, I just installed a lovely wood burning fireplace on the wall where my TV used to hang. I can hang my TV on the new chimney chase... and block the lovely masonry work I'm doing and potentially soak the TV full of heat from the fireplace, but I have decided to go projection instead with a retractable screen. Watching a show? Pull down the screen. Not watching anything? retract the screen and get the full effect of the fireplace. For the actual short version, skip to the bottom.

The room is small, and has windows (first floor) so I'm thinking something in the 2.5k-3k range. Here's the kicker. Most of the viewing will be done from about 7' away from the screen. My current TV is a 55" and it's perfect, so I don't want to do some massive 100" screen. I also only have about 40" of vertical distance (so maybe 36" worth of screen height). I can imagine a 60" diagonal screen size would be spot on.

Also, the ceilings in my old farm house are only about 82" high. If I hang a traditional projector above the couch, it will be at eye level. I could tolerate the shadows if someone gets up to walk around, but it would be annoying trying to walk into the room with a projector in your face, hence the UST. Also, since the projector would be hanging from the ceiling (not enough room on the Mantel), it needs to be the slimmest profile I can find so you don't have to duck under it. I could recess it into the ceiling, but for structural reasons, it would require some pretty serious construction in the attic to shore up the non-trussed simple hip roof before I cut joists to frame in a recessed pocket.

Ok, the short version. Looking for:
- 60" or so diagonal
- 2500-3000 Lumen (unless you have different suggestions)
- ceiling hanging, unless you know of one that can fit on about 8" of mantel and be 0" from the screen.
- slimmest profile so I don't whack my head on it.
- 4K

Not needed:
- smart TV
- wifi. Most have it, but I can cast through various other means.

Budget flexible. I had mostly settled on the $2500 VAVA, but figured you folks might have the skinny on "this $1500 ebay chinesium projector is almost as good as the LG" kinda thing.

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