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    All of my DVD's are in mint condition. Shipping will be $4.00 first DVD/ $1.00 for additional in North America. When trading please make offers of comparable MSRP. I will only trade with people on the good traders list. All prices are in US Funds and I accept Bidpay and Paypal. Please note that do to recent scams involved with Paypal I will only accept it as a form of payment if you have good feedback here, or on Ebay. ALL REASONABLE SALE OFFERS ARE CONSIDERED.

    DVD's:For Sale/Trade
    Eraserhead- (watched once-mint)$50.00
    Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (Official region2 from Japan in beautiful slipcase, region 0 NTSC, mint-viewed once) - $30.00
    BMW: The Hire (includes Wong Kar Wai's The Follow, OOP) - $45.00
    Jackass: The Movie (Widescreen)- $15.00
    Stalker (Region 1 Image) - $35.00
    Usual Suspects:SE (sealed) - $15.00
    Bruce Lee: Master Collection 5 DVD (keepcase) -$40.00
    Enter the Dragon: SE- $12.00
    Glengarry Glen Ross: SE -$15.00
    Casablanca (MGM keepcase) - $12.00
    Donnie Brasco: SE - $12.00
    Vertigo (original orange cover) - $18.00
    Psycho (original cover) -$18.00
    The Birds - $18.00
    Rear Window - $18.00

    Criterion Collection DVD's:For Sale/Trade
    Orphic Trilogy (Discs mint- box has wear)- $45.00
    Passion of Joan of Arc: Criterion Collection - $25.00
    Notorious: Criterion Collection - $25.00
    Man Bites Dog: Criterion Collection - $22.00
    The Seven Samurai: Criterion Collection - $25.00
    Andrei Rublev: Criterion Collection - $25.00
    Kwaidan: Criterion Collection - $22.00
    Taste of Cherry: Criterion Collection - $22.00
    The Silence of the Lambs: Criterion Collection (sealed) -$45.00

    PS2 Games:For Sale/Trade
    NHL 2002 (PS2) - $20.00
    Knockout Kings 2002 (PS2)- $20.00
    Pride:FC demo disc (PS2)- $5.00

    Specific Wants:
    PAYPAL $$$$
    Amazon Stackable GC's

    Books available:($8.00 for shipping) or trade for DVD's

    Hardcover edition of Peter Biskinds fascinating book:
    Easy Riders/ Raging Bulls which deals with filmaking in the 70's and has fascinating insights into movies such as Apocalypse Now, Bonnie & Clyde and others. - $15.00

    Anne Rice Hardcovers:
    Queen of the Damned- Hardcover Brand New-$20.00
    Tale of the Body Thief- Hardcover Bargain Copy-$10.00
    Memnock the Devil- Hardcover Brand New-$20.00
    Vampire Armand- Hardcover Brand New-$20.00
    or $60.00 for the whole set including shipping.

    Rock This by Chris Rock Hardcover-$5.00
    Primary Colors by Anonymous- Hardcover-$5.00
    A Man In Full by Tom Wolfe- Hardcover-$10.00
    Hannibal by Thomas Harris- Hardcover-$15.00
    Apocalypse Wow by James Fynn Garner- Hardcover-$5.00
    Miss America by Howard Stern- Hardcover-$10.00

    Thanks for looking and feel free to email any questions or offers to [email protected]. Also, I am a Canadian trader and I have over 165 positive feedbacks on Ebay and I am a Gold Trader on DVDTalk. I ship all packages by air and they usually take 10-14 days to arrive.
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