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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by JohnathanB, Jul 1, 2004.

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    Okay, so my dad wants me to help him put a small home theater system together. He has lower end DLP projector. He needs a full audio system (spkrs, receiver, dvd player, etc)

    Now...I hope your sitting down. I will try to stay calm myself. He tells me he doesn't want to go over $500. I did my best to not laugh in his face...I love the old guy. He just doesn't get it.

    What can I do to help him (besides tell him to get a clue)

    Should I just tell him to go to Costco or BestBuy and get a Theater in a Box? Is there ANYTHING I can suggest to him that might be close to $500...say a dvd, receiver, 5.1 spker system for say...$600? His room is only 17 x 22. What can I recommend to him that will be reliable and he will really be happy with for 600 or less?

    All tips and help are greatly appreciated.

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    Hi there, Johnathan:

    When asking about assembling complete audio systems, post in A/V Sources. The Basics area is for general discussion at the beginner level, not for asking about specific purchase recommendations.

    Good luck on your formidable task.
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    Wow. I don't even know what to recommend. The whole home theatre experience revolves around being immersed in picture and sound. Picture sounds good, a DLP projector is excellent. And now audio for $500.

    Standard advice from me: A good 2-channel setup is much better than a mediocre surround setup. Surround is going to be damn near impossible (including a DVD player!!) for that price.

    Here's what I'd do (with a stretched budget):

    1) Get a refurb Denon DVD player at A 900 (last year's) runs $90, this year's 910 around $110. Faroudja DCDi and what not, solid player, 90 day warranty from Denon, should be fine.

    2) Get a decent surround sound receiver. Denon/Marantz/Pioneer Elite...there's someone on the forums selling a Pioneer Elite 45TX for $500. It's last year's model, but is a 7 channel monster for that price, and it looks real perdy. I've seen 43s on audiogon for $400. A refurb Denon 2803 (same thing as in #1, 90 day warranty from Denon) at ecost runs $425. Even one of the new Yamahas may not be out of reach, but I don't know pricing...

    3) Start with a stereo pair of speakers. I like buying speakers new, but that's just my preference. Paradigm Monitor 5/7s, Energy Connoisseur C5/7, Athena ASF1/2 (not with Yamaha though, that's something of a bright combination). Good stereo performance will beat good 5 speaker satellite systems, in my books anyways.

    4) Cables. 10% rule, shouldn't cost too much. $50-75 maybe if you buy smart?

    If he can double his budget, and you can explain to him that this will put him on the path to a true home theatre (all he needs is a sub, centre, and surrounds, and I'd buy them in that order), this would be a much better investment than plunking down $500 on a complete setup that will not give you the complete H/T experience.
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    If he's plunking down for a DLP projector, he's obviously got a taste for quality. I would tell him that he's going to get 10x the sound if he can do $1000 for the audio setup instead of $500, then hunt around for some deals on different pieces. I would suggest a good HTiB setup like Onix's Tykes for $500, then get a receiver, a decent DVD player, and some cables with the other $500.

    Otherwise, he's just shortchanging himself too much.

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