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Help me decide B&W, Polk audio and Mission (1 Viewer)


May 17, 2015
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I decided to buy used speakers for my home cinema, because in Denmark people sell used gear with huge discounts. I will add links to 3 adds that got my eye and are in reasonable range from where I live. As I am buying used and they are +/- couple hundreds Km apart I am afraid I have no chance to test them all personally, so all opinions are welcome. By the way my room size is about 25 square meters.

Main thing what I will will do is movies and music is secondary thing, and when watching movies I like to feel explosions and such so subwoofer will be must even if room is not huge and some of speakers listed is plenty powerful.

I pretty much decided on receiver. I will buy new Denon AVR-X4100W (8000dkk ~1225$), because I want Dolby atmos and all new stuff like Bluetooth, 4k and so on. and I think it is plenty powerful for my sized room.


Now to the speakers. In all advertisements are told that condition is mint only some minor cosmetic damage.

1. Mission Volare 2x V63, 2x V61 with stands, center v60 and sub V6AS. +Prism Nexa cables (price 6000dkk ~920$) What I like about this that is full set and I can forget looking for additional speakers except for atmos later on.


2. Polk Audio 4x RTi A7 and center CSi A6 +cables (In add price is 8000, but they sell with receiver witch I don't need so I will get to at least 6000dkk ~920$) I will need to get sub for this one so complete 5.1 price will increase couple more thousand dkk.


3. B & W 2x DM604s3 (3000dkk 460$) it is only 2 speakers I will need to invest most here to get full set, but maybe it is worth. I have not heard any of those personally so it is hard to decide.


Sorry for longer post and thanks for all upcoming posts.

David Willow

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I have not heard Mission speakers so I can't comment on them.

Between Polk and B&W MY preference would be B&W. Keep in mind this is MY preference. There is no technical reason for it other than I really like the sound of B&W.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with Polk and since you can only buy the front 2 B&W speakers, you may be best going with the Missions or the Polks. In both cases I would suggest you skip the cables if they are adding any significance to the overall cost. While the cables are nice, there is no reason to spend more money on them. Almost any cheap wire will work as well as the overpriced boutique brands.

Again, I'm not familiar with the Mission subs, but generally speaking you can do better getting a sub from a company that only sells subs (like Velodyne or SVS if they are available in Denmark).

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