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Help me clear out some cables, some high-end pieces! (1 Viewer)

Gary Murrell

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Oct 20, 2000

I have reached a breaking point here, I have got to clear out some cables from my closet that has turned into a medusa of some sorts

I have many, handmade cables that were used in my personal system, most analog interconnects

these handmade analog interconnects are constructed from Belden 1694a and true 75-ohm gold Canare connectors, these are the best analog interconnects that money can buy and the money spent is not all that much :p

they cost me near 15$ each to construct and are all in 100% perfect condition, there are around 20 of the Belden/Canare interconnects, at 20$ each from Blue Jeans, the math can be easily done

I have extra HDMI cable or 2 from monoprice,a bunch of Belden 5000UE speaker cable, banana plugs, 20 foot optical cables, VGA cables, firewire, USB, RGBHV, a flat cat5 or 2, composite and svideo cables, Monster component cable setup or 2, power cables and more

anyway, I am going to make this easy, SOLD!!!

pics will be sent soon, exact count of cables could be messy, I am so tired of this mess

I would prefer paypal for this item, but I am open to other forms

Outside USA buyers are welcome and appreciated, but will have to pay more shipping

I have completed hundreds of deals here on AVS, AV123, HT Spot, Videogon and the Home Theater Forum, along with having over 2000 positive comments on ebay, if you need a reference I can surely supply including plenty of AVS members ;)

please PM or email with any questions or concerns, thanks for your interest


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