Help me choose an amp for my SVS

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  1. Brian Johnson

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    Oct 21, 2001
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    Heres my dilema.
    I recently bought a 25-31CS (thanks BenK) and right now I am using a [email protected] monoblock amp to power it. The amp I am using is the one I bought for my bass shakers.
    However, I really miss the shakers and have been looking at amp choices to power the SVS. I have found a great plate amp (off ebay,very positive feedback on this particular amp which he sells regularly) rated at [email protected] ohm. If you know the SVS, 350W is ideal. The amp could be had for $150/shipped. is the details on the amp. I am not afraid to post because the ebay price & his website prices are the same (don't let Vince Maskeeper see that [​IMG] )
    So for $150 I could have that amp power the SVS and keep my 100w for the shakers. No problem right? Not quite.

    A fellow HTF member has a Samson S700(with rca adapter) that could be had for about $250/260. I figure if I go this route. I can power both the SVS & the shakers (assuming I can adjust the output level? The shakers are only [email protected], at 8ohm the samson will put out 230W)
    If I go this route, the samson will handle all the LFE in one neat package. I could possibly sell the other amp I had for about $75-$100 leaving me back at the $150 mark.

    So. If you were me, which would choose?
  2. Anthony.Lin

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    Sep 27, 2002
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    i would choose the samson s700 if they're basically both the same price - $150

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