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May 9, 2004
Alongwith my new receiver I'm looking to pick up a new DVD player as well. Some of my requirements ....

1. Progressive Scan - I don't have a PS capable TV now but would like to plan for the future. My plan , over the next few months, is to set up an Infocus X1 system. That is progressive scan capable right? If I don't go the FP route I will probably pick up a HDTV ready WS set.

2. Good audio - This will also be my primary CD transport

3. Fardouja? - I don't even know what this is but reading the forums over the past two days this seems like a important feature to have.

4. DVD Audio or SACD - I have another thread open asking about the differences in these two formats. I think I would like to be future proofed and get a DVD player that plays these formats.

My intitial choice is the Denon 1200 retailing for $199 at ecost. Is this a good choice and does it meet my needs? Actually on doing a little more research this player seems to have gotten bad reviews on audioreview. Another thread suggests the Kenwood 5700 at ecost. The price seems right - is that a better fit for my requirements?

ecost had the Denon 2200 for @299 refurbed but it has disappeared from their website. All help is appreciated becuase I'm qute confused at the moment ...

Thanks - KS


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May 30, 2003
The universal Denon's use the Silicon Image de-interlacer which is also great like the Faroudja de-interlacer. If you want both DVD-audio and SACD go with the Denon DVD-2200 for $500. But if you can have DVD-audio only (no SACD) you can go with the cheaper Faroudja-based Denon DVD-1200. I personally don't need DVD-audio or SACD (special audio only) just great DVD video quality and saved money with the top-rated Faroudja-based Panasonic XP30.

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