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Robert CH

May 18, 2002
I want to replace my receiver. My expertise on a scale of 1 to 10 is about a 4 (I think). Here's what I have:

1. Bose Acoustimass 700 speaker system.

2. Older TV (I keep waiting for it to break so I can upgrade it)with 1 S-video input and 1 video position.

3. JVC DVD player with digital optical output.

4. JVC SVHS VCR (S-video in and out).

5. Directv satellite receiver with digital optical output.

6. Also shopping for new CD player.

My speakers require a 200 Hz crossover frequence which I cannot select on my JVC RX-778V receiver (can select only 80, 100, or 120 Hz). I assume that's why I get very tinny sound from my center speaker when I select Dolby Digital Surround.

I want to use S-video on all components including my SVHS VCR in and out. I don't want to "under" or "over" spend on a new receiver and I would prefer JVC. Is there something that will meet my needs for $400-500? Help?

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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Welcome :D
The "tinny" sound is definitely due to the speakers. Personally, I would recommend putting them up on E-bay, and getting something else.
There are very few receivers that will allow you to select a 200Hz x-over, more or less because there are very few subs that allow a x-over point as high as 200hz.
The closest thing that can do what you are asking is the Sony DA3ES, but it will be hard to find it for $500. You might be able to get close, but with shipping, it will still be above that.
In that price range, if you are willing to replace your speakers, I would recommend listening to Marantz SR5200 or 6200, Denon 1802 or 2802, and the Harmon Kardon AVR320 (now 325?). My personal preference would be to skip the Sony DE line at all costs. No ofense, but JVC would not be among my choices for a receiver.
Most or all of these receivers should have enough s-vid connections to suffice.

Alf S

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Apr 23, 2000
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I just got a very nice full featured Pioneer receiver the VSX-D811S. It can be found for $294 + freight online (search for prices on MySimon.com) or maybe print out best price and see if Sears or some local A/V store will match, mine did.

It's got Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, Dolby Prologic II component in and out, and S-video in out..plus a lot more.

I think JVC is coming out with a new model 8020(?) that might fit your needs. I don't think JVC is as bad as some make them out to be.

You can do a nice comparison search on Crutfield.com's website to see what meets your needs.

Good luck


Michael Mathius

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Nov 12, 2000
The denons get my vote. But you should really try to listen to each receiver with your speakers. I'm looking to change my bedroom receiver and I like what I've seen with the Denons so far. Also add the Onkyo 500 and 600 to your short list.

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