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  1. Scott Stegner

    Dec 23, 2001
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    OK, after reading many opinions and posts on DTV receivers I am unsure of what to get. I currently use a Samsung SIR-T150 for OTA. I have a Sharp 16x9 RPTV that accepts 1080I and 720P. (I currently use Dish but I am switching because I want HDNET and would have to install an additional dish to receive HD anyway) So directv is coming out next week to install a free Para Todos setup. This will give me the dish setup I need to swap in a HD receiver. But I am not sure what one to get. Is the Zenith the current best of breed? Since I have the Samsung does it make sense to keep using it for OTA? Thx
  2. Roger Young

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    Aug 15, 1999
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    Check out the Hughes Platinum HD. Hughes the developer of DirecTV. It has a number of great features;

    1 It will decode any OTA HD and roll it right into the guide, so you just change channels to get OTA.

    2 It also has the new Advanced Program Guide that goes out 14 days.

    3 It comes with an RF remote.

    4 Component output.

    5 All of the cool Hughes features; one line guide, Turbo Tune, Full colored menus, etc.

    What area are you in? This HD STB is available at many regional CE stores and lots of independent retailers.

    BTW the Mitsubishi and Toshiba units are also built by Hughes


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