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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Stuart P, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Stuart P

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    Jan 13, 2006
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    I have some older technology and I'm thinking of upgrading to HD TV. The TV I'm looking at has HDMI inputs (2, 1 with video/audio, 1 video only). My old receiver and DVD player do not have HDMI.

    Should I upgrade my receiver to one with HDMI inputs and outputs? I was reading an article that stated HDMI was not passing 5.1 audio but only 2.0. This article was from January 2005 so it may be outdated. Is this still true?

    I'm just new to all the HD stuff and connections and I'm just trying to figure out the best way to interconnect equipment without going broke if I don't have to. [​IMG]

    The equipement I will be connecting (tentatively) is as follows:

    TV - 60" Grand WEGA™ SXRD™ Rear Projection HDTVKDS-R60XBR1

    DVD Player - current Toshiba 2109 - Need to upgrade - suggestions?

    Receiver - current Yamaha RX-V992 - May need to upgrade - suggestions?

    HD Source - currrent None - DirecTV HD DVR or Comcast

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Dick Knisely

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    HDMI by definition is audio+video. I'd guess that one of those inputs must be a DVI input paired with a pair of RCA jacks for audio input.

    Unless there's more to this than you've explained, I don't see why you'd be very concerned about HDMI/DVI switching. None of your current video sources use it and at max you've listed 2 possible future HDMI/DVI outputs (DVD and cable box). There might be exceptions but the cable boxes I know of right now don't have HDMI outputs. Their HD output is component video and analog and/or digital audio out.

    Your current list doesn't need any HDMI switching. All other things being equal, HDMI switching would be a good thing for future flexibility but in your place it wouldn't figure very highly on my features to look for.
  3. joseph westcott

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    You absolutely want to buy new equipment with HDMI connections and are HDCP compliant. This latter protocol will be required for all digital content and it would be a big mistake to not have it in the future. Not to mention the capability of better video quality HDMI can provide.

    Even DVI is being phased out as higher resolution material is on the horizion.

    Most of us do not use HDMI for sound anyway so I would not be concerned about it too much. We just send the signal from cabsat directly to the receiver via coax or optical digital inputs.

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