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HELP! I need a Halloween Costume! (1 Viewer)


Nov 23, 1999
Ok, it's getting semi-close to that time of year again, and I need a costume.
I always seem to wait until the very last minute when the only thing left is one of those packaged Austin Powers costumes, or some cheesy hobo gear.
This year, I wanted to go as my favorite comic book hero CAPTAIN AMERICA, and then I realized I'd be wearing tights all night. Umm...no.
Any ideas on some cool costumes to put together that look fairly original?


Second Unit
Jun 30, 1997
One year I went a Juan Valdez. Just get a cheap sombraro, a fake mustache, a burro pinata and a coffee mug....
Chris Miller
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May 7, 1999
Take a picture from the HTf, copy and print it, cut out the eyeholes, and scare the hell out of little children :) :)
I love the WVD thing, easy and cheap
Brent L
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Mark Lee

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Sep 4, 1998
Well....it's certainly not your everyday costume, but there was one that I saw on display at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade several years back. Someone was prancing around as a gigantic....Maxi-pad. Used. (cue gagging and retching.... :))
Or how 'bout dressing up as a Tomahawk cruise missile or some such instrument of destruction? Certainly a topically relevant costume, if not very high on the re-useability index.
Mark K. Lee
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Ryan Wright

Jul 30, 2000
Last year, my buddy made this costume. It was made out of cardboard, & I fiberglased it for him for strength & appearance.

He is over 7 and a half feet tall with this thing on. It's quite impressive. The eyes have LEDs in them and light up, as you can see. One 9 volt battery will keep them lit nonstop for weeks. Last year, he won $300 (first place) in a costume contest. I took it to work the next day and won $50 (first place) at my company's contest. He's redesigning the costume this year; it's going to look even better.
Took about a month to make...
-Ryan (http://www.ryanwright.com )
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Tom Meyer

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Feb 11, 1999
If you are going to the party w/ your girlfriend or have a couple other female friends who would go along with it, they could go as the Powerpuff Girls and you could be Professor Utonium. You get to see them in miniskirts and tights and all you have to do is wear black pants, white shirt, tie and a lab coat. You could also each carry around a container labeled "Sugar", "Spice", "Everything Nice" and "Chemical X". Of course, these would be filled with your favorite alcoholic beverage.


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Mar 25, 2001
Ok, what you do is you get a six-pack ring, cut out the middle of four of them, stretch it over your head and wear it like glasses. Then you drink the beer it used to contain, grab another six-pack to wear on your belt, and go about all night shouting, "I'm Captain Six-pack!"
Works... every year.

Dax Scott

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 29, 2000
I had a professional restaurant supply company make me a chef's uniform with "Iron Chef Boyardee" on it. I'm going to carry a can opener (much like Iron Chef Chinese holds his blade) and a CD player with the "Iron Chef" music on it (much of the music actually comes from "Backdraft").
Something like this really doesn't take long to put together, and it's pretty clever (or at least I thought so).
Last year I was the spirit of "Joliet" Jake Blues. I have the suit, hat, shades, and learned the songs and the moves. What can I say, I take Halloween pretty seriously. :)
Dax R. Scott - DVD Addict
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Feb 27, 2001
you could not shower until halloween and wear the same clothes for a while and get real drunk for about a week and go as the bum I see everyday on my way to work.

Keith Paynter

Mar 16, 1999
Wrap yourself in tin foil and go out as a baked potato!
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Apr 7, 1999
the best costume i've seen in years was created by a friend of mine in minnesota. he went as fletch, not the regular fletch, but when fletch was in the robe and roller-skating on the beach with odd hair. easily the funniest costume i've ever seen (you have to wear the roller-skates for it to work). five of my best friends are doing me a tremendous favor this year and wearing costumes that i dictate. four of them are going as the cobra kai from karate kid (johnny, dutch, bobby, and tommy) and the other as daniel. i'm dressing as ali. if we don't turn heads i will be surprised.

Ashley Seymour

Supporting Actor
Jun 29, 2000
Two years ago I went to a party that had as a theme "socially inapropriate". Some of the costumes/characters were: Golfer, deceased, Guy with seaweed from Martha's Vinyard hanging off a suit, a couple came as Mormon Missionaries, Guy with a colostomy bag attached, Guy in a white Playboy Bunny type outfit (voted best dressed), Guy in a wheele chair with a super man suit on, and some standard fare, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Dr. and his nurse, etc.
I chose to dress as Howard Stern. Got a wig and sunglasses. I only knew three people so I decided to get in Howard's character to have some fun. There was a band playing and it was announced that prizes were being given away on the first break. I introduced myself to as many of the girls as I could, including the 6'4" guy in the bunny outfit and told them "The Dr. and the nurse are giving away a free brest enhancement surgery, but that I'm here to tell you that you look fine and I would leave what you have just as they are". I never did get slapped.
Later I went back to the girls and volunteered to autograph them as Howard Stern. I asked the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader where I could autograph her and she said "where would like to"? After about eight or nine I tried the nurse, but she was pretty covered up and there were no unobstructed areas. Finally I told her to go to the girls room and take off her stockings. She amazed me, returned and I wrote Howard Stern on her inner thigh.

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