Help! I know what speakers I want, but am unsure about A/V Receivers.

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Dudelike89, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Denons manuals are very confusing to me .
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    Maybe if your original post had simply included your question about finding a receiver that would allow you to do multiple zones, you would have only got answers about receivers which accommodate multiple zones. But, this is a discussion forum. And you began your query telling us you are going to be buying speakers and even providing links for us to see. Don't be surprised that the folks here with knowledge and opinions are going to want to help out a self-proclaimed newbie to home theater.

    One of the most important ways to get the answer you want is to ask the right question.

    And as I look back on this thread I see HTF members taking their time to politely offer advice to a new member.

    I shouldn't try to answer for David...but it seemed to me that his remark about playing in a band does two things: tries to make a connection with another musician (yourself) and, in a nice way, let you know that through his own experience he has learned of the major differences between amplifying live music and amplifying home theater. Now you can blow him off (as you did) for trying to help...but it's to your own detriment to do so.

    While you continue to say you know what you want and shouldn't be challenged on your knowledge of speakers and set-up because you are a musician, have used JBL car speakers, etc....the others were simply trying to impress upon you that the parameters of good HT require completely different logic and knowledge than what you are laying out in this thread.

    Here's the manual for the 891. It has multiple zones that can be run independently of each other. Read page 39 of the manual and neighboring pages and you'll get all the info you need. The secondary zone can only be stereo. And you can't use digital inputs for Zone 2.

    Denon 891 Manual
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    That's right Mike. Just pointing out that I also know a little bit about live music and it has little in common with HT. Just like car audio has little in common with either.

    Check this site out for your Denon questions explained in English:
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