Help! G* refuses to fix my TV and it's under an extended warranty

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Westly T, Nov 17, 2005.

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    HELP! My Mitsubishi 65" (WS65511) RPTV's Green gun is failing and getting more and more dead spots. GE asks if you can still see a picture, and if so, then it's a cosmetic issue and not covered. The contract says nothing of this sort, but does say "With an ESP, you can be sure that your product is in top operating condition for the length of your contract". I explained this is a display device, it's operation is to display an image, and it is not in top operating condition. They said they will not repair it because it had been deemed a cosmetic issue and is not covered. I did an analogy to a keyboard with several keys not working, just because some keys still work doesn't mean it works. I asked for a supervisor and she said she was one and there is no one else higher I can speak with, I'll have to write them.

    What can I do to get them to fix it? What resources can I use to help, any advice?

    A technician came out and removed the lens so we could directly see the tube. There are many small spots that are dark and a couple bigger areas. He said the tube is defective and needs replacement. Not huge, but i get these darker pink spots in the picture and with a green test image up you see little black dots all over what should be solid green. There is no burn in at all, all the working areas are even in brightness, and both the other tubes are perfect. The spots seem to be increasing over the last 6 months. It's always been connected to a $1000 power conditioner so don't even think surge, but the contract says surges are covered anyway.

    I bought it at The Good Guys and the warranty is by Lyndon-DFS Warranty services. However it's managed by GE Warranty Management, Inc. As some of you know The Good Guys has closed there locations and no longer has retail stores in CA or anywhere else I know of. It was purchased on April 6, 2003 along with the $499.99 5 year service contract. The warranty is still valid, they are just claiming this defect is only comedic.
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    If it were me here's what I'd do:

    First, written notice to them via certified letter with formal complaint quoting terms of the warranty and what specifically they are refusing to recognize. Remind them that the warranty is a legally binding contract for services and that you intend to pursue their default. State clearly what action you demand in satisfaction. Also state that you are doing the next steps below. The letter should be 1 page, very clear and open with a bold line like "Contractual complaint and demand for action".

    With luck you'll get satisfaction -- 90% of folks won't do the above and they know they're wrong. While awaiting their response, contact your state's bureau of consumer affairs/consumer protection and find out who you can file a complaint with. BBB may or may not be one avenue but you can certainly contact them. Use words like default on the contract and possible fraudulent representation of services.

    Next after that are formal complaints with anyone you find to have an interest with a copy to the company issuing the warranty.

    Next step is seeing a lawyer who reviews the warranty and reviews a letter you draft and they send on his/her letterhead. This step will cost you unless you've got a friend who's qualified to help. Don't know if small claims court will be an option -- depends on state law, but the lawyer will know if its applicable and if you are likely to win a judgment in your favor. Unfortunately even if available, it can be easy to get a judgment against the other party, however, it can be hard to impossible to actually collect.

    Good luck.

    (The above is AFAIK accurate but should not be construed as legal advice.)
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    The Good Guys still has two local stores near me. One is combined with CompUSA in Lake Forest and the other with a TowerRecords in Laguna Hills.

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