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Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Nelson Au, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Nelson Au

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    I plan to use this holiday to make up time on my cycling work outs. Today when I went to add air to my tires, the hose on the floor pump broke! The pump is about 6 years old so the rubber has gone hard and broke towards the valve end when I bent it.

    The pump is a Specialized unit, but I suspect the hose and fittings are pretty common in design. Can the hose be replaced? Looks like I would have to buy a whole new hose with the presta valve fitting on the end as the end where it attaches to the pump has a brass fitting that can be undone.

    Thanks for any input on where to buy and if possible! Happy fourth!

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    The only pumps that I know of that has spare parts is Silca because they are expensive and good quality. Most of the regular consumer brands are more or less disposable. You may be able to contact Specialized to see if you can get a replacement but you have to weight the cost of buying the parts versus buying a new pump.

    you can get generic parts that may work too, I've seen some at

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    Sorry , if I'm misunderstanding something here but you can usually pry off the old compression clamps and replace them with small hose clamps and re-use all of your old fittings with a generic replacement hose. In a pinch , I've bought a super cheap Schraeder pump just to get the hose to fix a Presta pump when traveling.

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