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Oct 7, 2002
The power went out in my apartment about a week ago and my (Comcast) internet has not been the same since (but has been working just fine up until that poing). I have limited knowledge of computer technology and was hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on my situation. Here's the deal:

1. I have my Dell wireless router connected directly to my modem via an ethernet cable. The "power" indicator light is on (as it should be), the "wireless" light is on (as it should be), but the "Internet" light flashes on and off (which it shouldn't - when it was working it was simply "on" at all times). When my Xbox 360 is turned on the LAN light is also "on" (as it should be).

2. I normally get on the internet via an unsecured wireless internet connection with my Dell laptop (I plan to secure my network as soon as I get things up and running again). My computer detects my wireless signal, however, I cannot actually get on the internet (I get one of those "unable to display this page" messages). However, I can get on the net just fine when I connect my laptop directly to my modem via an ethernet cable (which is how I'm writing this message).

3. My Xbox 360 is hooked up to my wireless router and can't connect to the net. Connecting my 360 directly to my modem doesn't work either. When I run the "test my connection" on the 360 dashboard with it connected directly, it states that it is unable to find my IP address. I get the same message when it's connected through my router.

I've tried unplugging my modem and router (for a whole day) and also tried "re-setting" the router via the little hole on the back of the unit with no luck. I'd like to get things up and running again so I can use my wireless internet and get back on Xbox Live (especially for Call of Duty 3 next week!).

What am I doing wrong here and how can I get things up and running again?

Any info you may have would be more than appreciated!


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Jun 19, 2004
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It appears that your internet connection is down. Call Comcast and have them come out and check it out.


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Apr 25, 2000

Read the thread AGAIN. It's not the modem that's flaking out on him, it's the router.


You've mentioned that you can't connect to the internet through wireless connection, how about through wired, with the router still in between the modem and the laptop?

David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
Have you tried to access the routers' admin settings? Not sure with Dell routers, but usually type something liek or 1.1 into the address bar and then your password. You should be able to do this either wirelessly or directly connecting to the router if your router has direct ethernet ports.

Try looking at seup or WAN menu if that is what Dell calls them under "internet" or DHCP settings. Manually Release and renew them to see if that activates the internet. I would have thought resetting the modem would have accomplished that if you don't have any security settings unless somehow you need some special settings. I think the automatically assign DHCP client is what most cable modems need.

Check the cable connections from the modem to the router itself to make sure they aren't broken or frayed. I'm assuming you haven't changed cables recently.

Andrew Pratt

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Dec 8, 1998
It sounds like the router is working fine but it isn't connecting to the modem to get access to the internet. As suggested above type in http:\ or something similar (check the owners manual) and log into the admin panel and make sure that the router is connecting to the modem.

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