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Help Finding TV to Fit Specific Entertainment Center (1 Viewer)

Chris Wittry

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Jul 23, 1999
We're looking to get my in-laws a new TV for Christmas this year, as they're among those who will be affected by the digital switch in Feb. They don't want to get a new entertainment center, so we're stuck finding a TV that is no wider than 29.5". They currently have a 25" tube TV, so we're trying to find one that will provide them an equivalent viewing area and not end up with a new TV that seems smaller because it's a widescreen. Does anyone know of a 32" LCD that would fit in that space? Most of the ones I find are a tad too wide (~30.5"), but I would think there would be a model out there that doesn't have such a wide bezel on it and could fit. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Joseph DeMartino

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Jun 30, 1997
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Joseph DeMartino
I've done some checking, too, and I can't find a 32" set that will fit that cabinet. It isn't just a matter of the bezel width or speaker placement, either. Nothing fits those dimensions.

I assume your in-laws don't have cable or satellite, and are relying on an OTA antenna. They're probably going to be better off keeping that TV and just getting a digital converter box, or else you should buy then a 25" 4:3 CRT-based digital EDTV (enhanced definition TV) which will convert all inputs to 480p and display widescreen material letterboxed.

Anything else is going to be a compromise. Either they will need a new entertainment center (or you'll have to take a plane or a sander to the one they have and trim an inch or two off each side) or they will have to go with a 27" widescreen HDTV that has less vertical screen room than their current set - and which will make all 4:3 material look smaller than it does on their current TV. (Although widescreen stuff would look larger.) Of course, they will be getting HD material in HD, which they won't with a same-sized EDTV.



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