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Help: Equipment Powering up - LG Home Theater/HT356SD

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Robert.s, Aug 6, 2018.


Should i replace these fuses

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  1. Robert.s

    Robert.s Auditioning

    Aug 6, 2018
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    The system has been working very well but for the past 4 days, it has started misbehaving. When i try switching it on with either the remote control or with its manual button in front, it lights up and then goes off. to my surprise when you do that repeatedly it finally comes on but goes to the DVD/CD mode and here you can change to what you desire and when you go to FM radio tuner you find when there is no sound at all. What i have been doing now is to switch off again and on then on quickly then sound comes on. The good things is at this point it does not disturb and when it starts up it does not go off until when its been switched of for hours and hours. I have realized this happens when you power it off for a longer period or when not in use. could this be the fuse or some capacitors. I have checked it well and there are no swollen capacitor at all or could it be the Fuse which are faulty, It has one transparent glass fuse inside and another 3Amps in the plug

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