HELP! Does anyone own a DMR-E20 DVD Recorder?

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    I am interested in buying one of these, but I need a few questions answered beyond what the web sites tell me. The machine will only record 60 minutes of video onto a 4.7 gig disc at the "best quality" recording speed (requiring at least two expensive blank discs for the average movie). But is the 2-hour mode so bad? I just can't get an answer about the quality of the next-highest recording speed from anyone, because apparantly no one has ever actually used this unit. Any feedback? Thanks!
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    The Pioneer version, the new PRV-9000, also records DVD-R in a V1 and a V2 speed. V1 is the "highest" quality and yields about an hour +/- on the 4.7Gb blanks. Recording quality is superb.
    In the V2 mode, called "standard", you can record 2 hours +/- on the 4.7Gb discs. IMHO, recording quality is better than S-VHS.
    For evaluation purposes, I'm viewing the discs on a 40" Direct View Mitsubishi. When I attempted to throw a V2 disc on my 8'wide front projection screen, the picture lacked definition. On the Tube, it looked better than S-VHS.
    I was surprised to discover than both DVD-R and DVD-R/W discs, recorded on the Pioneer PRV-9000, played back perfectly on 3 other Pioneer players (including a portable), and a basic Panasonic DVD-A120 player.
    There are also a LOT of image adjustments that can be performed both on the Record inputs and during Playback.
    The way this deck is designed, you should think of it as a VCR that uses DVD media in place of video cassettes.
    Good Viewing,
    John G [​IMG]
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    I have DMR-E20 and it uses the same convention as VHS recorders.

    XP, SP, EP and i remember there is Extra extra long play (4 hours on a disc) - i need to check when i get home)

    XP gives you 60 mins on 4.7 Gb disk

    SP 120

    EP 180

    Anyways, I find SP a good balance of recording time and picture quality.

    DMR-E20 can only be hooked up (video in) via S-video.

    I have digital tv cable and didnt notice that much of a difference on picture quality on my plasma. But that depends on the program presentation .. (502i, 10xxi etc).

    XP recording does look a little bit sharper but SP is pretty good.

    i use XP if i am recording documentaries on good digital presentations and SP for sports i want to keep and EP for times i am not home to swap the discs.

    hope this helps.

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