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Help designing media room with 52" and Front Projector given ambient light (1 Viewer)

Alec M

Oct 10, 1999
Well it's been awhile since I've been around as I have been happy with my system for several years, but alas my Sony 61" RPTV is starting to sound like it is dying (loud and erratic fan/motor noise) and my wife hates my big Infinity speakers.

Here are the stats:
Room 13'W x 19'L x 9.5'H with closest sitting position at 7', prime spots at 14'
3 4' x 8' sliding glass doors with semi-opaque blinds down one side and open archways on two others - ie a good amount of ambient light

Desired Use:
30% daily TV - wife and kids
25% HD sports (day and night)
20% movies (mostly night)
15% Wii and PS3
10% DVD or HD concerts

My two phase plan:
Phase I. - approx budget = $5000
1) Replace RPTV with 52" LCD (Plasma might get washed out)
a. Sony Bravia 52XBR6 - $2300
b. Sony Bravia 52W4100 - $1700
c. Samsung HL-T7288W - $2400 - might not get phase II...

Phase II. - approx. budget = $10000
1) Replace Denon with Denon 3808 or 4808 ($1500 / $2500)
2) Add Projection System with great picture and high lumens
a. Panasonic PT-AE3000 ($2500)
b. Optoma HD 70
c. Epson 6100
3) Add Retractable screen to go in front of LCD down to bookcase bracketed by speakers with tower rack behind curtain
a. Stewart Luxus Deluxe StudioTek 130 ($2395)
b. Seymour H95 Center Stage Screen ($2637)
4) Add side curtains and possible masking system ($1500)

Questions for my forum experts:
1) Given ambient light is the projector option even viable other than night?
- this may drive me towards Samsung 72" if not
2) It seems like the Sony XBR is almost the same as w4100 with a few extra bells - does anyone have any major performance differences?
3) Any suggestions on retractable screen with masking?
4) Are there any new high lumen technologies on the horizon to wait on in projectors?


Jim Mcc

Senior HTF Member
Feb 11, 2004
Oconomowoc, WI.
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I love my projector, but I wouldn't want a projector as my only source of viewing. The bulb hours will add up really fast with the Wii and PS3. If you can block out most of the light during the day, a reasonably bright projector will work. You should buy a TV for TV shows, Wii and PS3 games. Then use a projector at night for movies and HD sports.

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